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Fiber-Rich Foods: The Fiber 35 Alternative


Despite our frequent and enthusiastic pledges toward a healthier lifestyle, it's often difficult for us to keep these promises whenever we're faced with the rigors of our daily routine. Taking the kids to school, going to work, picking the kids up from school, preparing dinner: when all's said and done, your altruistic vision of exercise and healthy eating has to take a back seat to your responsibilities to your family. Sometimes what your body needs and what your family needs can be in a bit of a disagreement.
Whenever our health and our families collide, our family usually wins, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Families demand attention, but we still need to find out a way to incorporate healthier habits into our daily lives. One of the easiest ways to promote a healthier lifestyle is by including fiber-rich foods into at least one or two of your meals (or snacks!) each day. It is suggested that each person include about 20-35 grams of fiber in his or her daily diet, but the average person only consumes about 14-15 grams - which can be less than half of what is required. What this says is that it's probably not convenient to stop and find some oats and nuts while you are carting your kids around to school and sports. The easiest way to find a place for fiber-rich foods in your health plan is through an alternative for your diet: Fiber 35.

Fiber 35: When Fiber-Rich Foods aren't Available

Fiber-rich foods are essential to maintaining your overall health, but are integral in promoting wellness and the proper function of your colon. The two types of fiber - soluble and insoluble - take a two-part approach to colon wellness by helping clean the passageways and absorb nutrients efficiently; fiber-rich foods have even been linked to diminished rates of colon cancer. The philosophy behind Fiber 35 is to make sure that your body enjoys the benefits of fiber-rich foods when they aren't readily available. In fact, the Fiber 35 Diet Sprinkle is the most portable way to give your body a fiber boost at any time during the day.
The Fiber 35 Diet Sprinkle can pack any meal - or even a beverage - with a fiber payload that is the same as eating fiber-rich foods. A virtually tasteless food supplement, Fiber 35 can be sprinkled on anything to make sure that your body is getting its fiber fix anywhere, at any time.
One of the greatest benefits of fiber-rich foods is that the non-soluble variations are responsible for keeping you full for longer. When food isn't being digested quickly, you are less likely to snack between meals, which leads to the most insidious kind of weight gain. Fiber 35 harnesses this dietary quality in each spoonful, which can lead to weight loss in addition to colon health.
Begin a More Fiber-Rich Diet Today

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